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Contender #1: Kanye West for saying Kim Kardashian is a perfect B****, so have Reggie, Kris, and Bow Wow jokes Huggy.

Contender #2: Kris Jenner for being the brains behind Kim Kardashian’s sex tape,

Contender #3: Terrell Owens for his new job, although Huggy is reserving his spot on the “boohoo” team.

Contender #4: Randry Travis for being found “butt-naked” in the middle of the street before being arrested for a DWI.

But, “The Wanna-be Shaq” Dwight Howard is the “Bama of the Week” for his move to the LA Lakers and all the trouble he put Orlando through. Listen to hear the rest of Huggy’s recap of the week.