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Of all of the people to call for a beer run, Allen Brooks of Columbia, Tenn.(pictured), felt the best folks to ask were local cops.

News Channel 5 reports that Brooks called 911 at least nine times during a 12-hour period.

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The 67-year-old was warned to stop calling, but he was arrested after refusing to do so. Some of his calls were quick hang-ups. Though, when he did speak, dispatchers had a hard time understanding him. Brooks antics may seem funny, but Susan Mitchell of the Maury County Dispatch Center, where the calls were received, says the incident is no joke.

“It’s hard to understand him and tell if there is an actual problem,” Mitchell explains.

Channel 5 has more on this story:

Brooks’ brother told NewsChannel 5 on Monday that he was trying to call 411 instead of 911. Allen is partially deaf and also has a speech impediment so it may have been hard for dispatchers to understand him and he also said he didn’t know who he was calling.

“The dispatchers I guess they got nervous and scared themselves because he wouldn’t say nothing,” Allen’s brother Jerry Brooks explained in an interview.

Jerry says his brother had a few brews before calling dispatchers but doesn’t believe he was drunk. Allen is set to appear in court at the end of August.

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