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tavares Donnell colbert man shoots himself in genitals oklahomaTavares Donnell Colbert (pictured) of Oklahoma City, Okla. accidentally shot himself in the penis with the same gun he planned on selling at a convenience store, NewsOK reports.

Police were called to the local hospital on Saturday morning where they found Colbert bleeding from his self-inflicted gunshot wound. The unfortunate fella told cops that he bought the gun in Kansas and planned on selling it in a convenience store parking in the city. Before arriving at his destination, Colbert pulled over into a parking lot to check if the gun was working properly.

It was. As Colbert, 36, pulled it out of the case, he accidentally squeezed the trigger and pop himself dead smack in the Johnson

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Colbert reportedly panicked and drove himself to the hospital. Police arrested him for a complaint of possession of a firearm once the hospital medically cleared him. They also say that he is a convicted felon. It is illegal for felons to possess firearms. Colbert has several convictions, “including a 2003 charge for possession of a controlled and dangerous substance with intent to distribute,” according to police.

WATCH The News Reports On Colbert Blasting Himself In The Jewels Below

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