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It was good catching up with Mary Monroe’s long time best friends and heroines Annette Goode Davis and Rhoda O’Toole in the latest edition in her God series, “God Don’t Make No Mistakes.” The last time I acted as a fly on the wall and spied on what was going on in Annette and Rhoda’s lives was a few years ago in “God Don’t Like Ugly” and “God Still Don’t like Ugly.” Back then I cheered and cried with both women as I watched them face some of life’s challenges and triumph over them.

This time around I was still tearing up, cheering, speaking aloud and getting to know a few characters Ms. Monroe brings to the forefront in God Don’t Make No Mistakes. While I am not a mom just yet, Ms. Monroe’s writing and the way she delves into the lives of each character makes any reader understand the love a mother has for her children and what they will do at any cost to protect them. No one will be making any mistakes by grabbing a copy of this thought provoking and touching masterpiece.


Synopsis: In GOD DON’T MAKE NO MISTAKES readers are reunited with Annette Goode Davis who this time around has a pretty full plate—literally and figuratively. Although she’s trying to reconcile with her husband, Pee Wee, she’s still seeing other men on the side. With her love life hopping, Annette should be as pleased as punch. Instead, the stress has her eating everything in sight and when her world is rocked by a terrible revelation, she’ll discover that appearances can be very, very deceiving. Meanwhile, Annette’s best friend, Rhoda O’Toole, has her hands full—as usual—dealing with her wild child daughter Jade. Jade has always been a cross to bear, but when her antics almost cost Rhoda her man, Rhoda decides things between her and Jade must change. Now these two friends must lean on each other if they have any hope of getting through….

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