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Last night was the season finale of “Scandal”, and I must say that the show definitely lived up to it’s name. Throughout the whole season, there was scandal after scandal, and we were shocked to find out that in the end, Olivia Pope and her team were in the middle of the very scandal that they were trying to help solve! Now that the season is over, we’re left wondering just how some of these scandals are going to end but while we’re biting our nails and losing sleep over when the next season will air, we can reminisce on the biggest scandals of the season, and maybe even try to figure out the mystery behind it all.

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1.  Did Amanda Tanner really sleep with the President? The whole season was centered around the President’s infidelity and his “affair” with the White House Intern. We were led to believe all season long that the President indeed slept with Amanda and that she was pregnant with his baby. However, when we learned that Amanda had a little secret of her own, we were left wondering did she or didn’t she actually sleep with the most powerful man in the United States and did her unborn child actually belong to the President? All those answers were put on hold when Amanda Tanner was mysteriously murdered for fear that she would out the President and their “secret” love affair with the leading suspects being someone from inside of the White House. Now we’re all left wondering who killed Amanda Tanner, why was she killed, and was the unborn child the really the Presidents?

2. The death of the reporter, Gideon. Gideon was the only one who figured out exactly what happened to Amanda Tanner. All his snooping around finally paid off and he thought that he solved the crime. When he called the Vice President’s Chief of Staff over to his apartment to confront him about setting up the affair with Amanda Tanner and the President, things got a little heated between the two and he stabbed Gideon in the neck and left him to die!

3. Olivia Pope and the President’s secret love. Amanda Tanner and the President weren’t the only one’s supposedly getting it on in the Oval Office. Olivia Pope was the apple of Mr. President’s eye, and by the looks of his terrible marriage with his wife, it was quite obvious that he only cared for Olivia. The two had a steamy sex scene prior to his election, and have been secretly dancing around each other ever since. After a tape was released of the audio of Olivia and the President’s sexual rendezvous, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff and the media was quick to pin the voices to the President and the now deceased Amanda Tanner. The President made it clear that he’s faking his love with his wife, and that he only wants to be with Olivia, but can’t because he’s a public figure and has an image to uphold. Now, the President is faced with the decision to continue faking his happiness with his wife and as the President of the United States or resign as President and continue on with his secret relationship with Ms. Pope.

4. Who actually killed Amanda Tanner? Amanda Tanner’s murder is still a huge mystery. At first, we were lead to believe that she was killed by the President, or someone who the President arranged to murder her. But out suspicions soon changed when the reporter Gideon discovered that the murderer might have been Amanda’s boyfriend who also happens to be the Vice President’s Chief of Staff. When this information is revealed, we find out that the Vice President’s Chief of Staff had Amanda seduce the President and set the whole ‘scandal’ up but aren’t clear on if he arranged for her murder or not. We’re them given another clue at the end of the episode when Cyrus is seen speaking to another White House Aide about receiving the rest of the money for “Amanda”. Who actually killed this girl? And the plot thickens.

5. Who is Quinn Perkins? This is perhaps the biggest scandal of the whole season, and we were thrown for a loop in the last 15 minutes of last night’s episode. The “new girl” who was brought into Olivia’s team is Quinn Perkins and all season long we were lead to believe that she was an aspiring lawyer who wanted to join Olivia’s team. She’s been following Olivia all along, making a lot of mistakes (as new girls often do) but seemed to have a sweet and loving personality. She fell for the reporter, Gideon, and was the one who found him right before he died. Her first thought was to call Olivia, instead of calling the police, when she saw that her love interest had been murdered. Once Olivia arrived, she seemed more concerned about cleaning up the scene and getting Quinn out of there than helping the dead reporter. Why wouldn’t Quinn think to call the police once she noticed that he was murdered? Well, this is because Quinn Perkins isn’t who she says she is, and the only two who know who she really is is Quinn and Olivia, and after running her finger prints, it looks like the police now too. Now we’re left wondering just who could Quinn Perkins actually be?

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