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From season to season we find ourselves hooked on reality TV. We often ask ourselves “How do these people even get shows?” Don’t get me wrong, there are some stories that are too juicy to pass up and some characters that are so ridiculous you can’t help but watch them. Frankie falls into that category.

Also known as “the mother of the hood,” Keyshia Cole‘s over-the-top mom is more than enough to keep us entertained. She has said and done some crazy things and we continue to watch. So here’s a list of Frankie’s top 10 sayings. We’ll just call them “Frankie-isms.”

1. “I’m gonna let you have my autograph.” What she says to the paparazzi while rushing through the airport because, you know, she’s just that famous.

2. “I’m menopausal.” The excuse for her just…being herself.

3. “We have a man down, Code 10 situation.” Her favorite phrase; when asked about the true meaning of this “-ism” during an interview, she states “I already told you…,” so we’ll just use our imagination.

4. “Come here heffa.”A term of endearment; a greeting used towards all her special friends.

5. “What did I do? I was smokin’ like a rollingstone.” The real reason she served a three-year sentence.

6. “You can always turn a negative into a positive.” I guess we can call her a spokesmodel.

7. “I can’t keep up with men my age.” That’s why she refuses to date men over the age of 35.

8. “Holla, Holla, Holla!!!!” The first thing that comes out her mouth when she is overjoyed with happiness.

9. “I’ll have a show in two hours.” And that’s just what happened. Ain’t that right Frankie?

10. “Shout out to KC- Keyshia Cole.” Clearly the reason she was given more than five seconds in the limelight.

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