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Baby mommas have become and epidemic. Women seem to be settling for bearing a man’s children rather than bearing a ring on their finger.

Ne-Yo’s latest strip club stunt with his baby momma in tow lead me to question the level of respect men have for the mothers of their children and why they never seem to commit. Here’s three signs you may always be a baby’s momma and never a wife.

1. Stripped

Many men love the allure of naked women booty clapping for dollar bills with no strings attached. Strip clubs are an escape for most men–a fantasy if you will. Strip clubs should not be date night options. If your baby’s father respects you as the mother of his children, he’d never bring you to as strip club to watch him waste his hard-earned money, which could be going to towards the kids.

2. In Your Face

If the father of your children gallivants around town with his so called protege that he has no qualms with expressing his affections towards her, then chances are you’re pretty much set in baby momma concrete.

3. (More Than) One Woman Man

Lil’ Wayne’s redefined the term “baby momma.” He seems to be collecting them like baseball cards. When you look around and you’re among a group of women who share one baby’s father, you just might find yourself living out a stereotype.

What are other tell-tale signs of women staying stagnant in baby momma land?

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