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At the conclusion of President Barack Obama’s anticipated State Of The Union address Tuesday evening, the GOP hit back with responses from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and shamed former Republican-presidential contender Herman Cain, whose speech was only a tad better than Michele Bachmann‘s inaugural response last year.

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Held at the National Press Club in Washington, Cain opened his speech, saying:

Because if you believe in less taxes, less government, the free market system, more individual responsibility and enforcing the Constitution, you are a Tea Party person – all long standing conservative ideals co-opted as the party’s core ideals.

Not surprisingly, Cain railed against the Obama Administration, levying heavy criticism along the way:

With all due respect, Mr. President, some of us aren’t stupid, Cain said. The American people, the Tea Party people know that this nation is broke.

Cain also harped on Obama’s push to raise taxes on only the wealthiest of Americans, something the GOP and the Tea Party are staunchly against:

We also can’t tax our way out of debt. Not until we get this economy growing. The president didn’t talk a lot about that because that’s what’s missing in this equation in the grand scheme of things.

Oddly enough, the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza also discussed political satirist Stephen Colbert’s “endorsement” of his presidential run, using it as a segue to note that his party needs to capture the youth vote in order to regain control of the White House. Both Colbert and Cain appeared in a mock rally before the GOP’s South Carolina primary, which couched Colbert’s joke bid to “run” for the GOP nomination. At the time, Cain appeared to take the satirical bend seriously, until his chief of staff admitted they were playing up the humor angle themselves.

During his campaign, Cain leaned heavily on Tea Party talking points. The former front-runner, who was once a media darling, employed a plain-talking everyman strategy that seemed to galvanize the Republican base in full. However, reports that Cain was a philanderer in addition to other related scandals led to his ouster as a potential GOP presidential nominee.

Not hiding from the public eye since he dropped his campaign, Cain continues to speak on behalf of the GOP and has said that current front-runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich could defeat President Obama in the general election this November in a post-rebuttal Q&A session.


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