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Rev. Al Sharpton struck back at radio host Rush Limbaugh last night after the conservative commentator made fun of Sharpton’s teleprompter flub on MSNBC this past Tuesday.

Sharpton had trouble pronouncing the words “we must resist” before immediately moving on to his fellow host Ed Schultz.

Conservative commentators crowed about the gaffe, but none more so than Limbaugh who had his own theories as to why this happened.

“Somebody is sabotaging the Rev. Sharpton via the Teleprompter,” he said. “It’s either a racist Teleprompter or whoever is preparing the Teleprompter is racist.”

Or, he said, it could be an evil horde of…jealous black journalists? “There are a number of black accredited journalists who are really ticked off that the Rev. Sharpton is up for this gig,” he said. “One of them, or some of them, might have gotten together here.”

Sharpton answered Limbaugh’s allegations.

“There’s no racist teleprompter!” he said. “I messed up a line!” He thanked Limbaugh for highlighting the program.

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