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Reality star of VH1’s Basketball Wives and baby-momma of Dwight Howard, Royce Reed has made a name for herself by displaying her unreserved behavior and spewing sometimes brash statements with not an ounce of remorse. Royce packs major punch and backs down from no one (as we have seen from numerous brawls on Basketball Wives). The pint-sized firecracker is known for her less than savvy- fashion sense, booty-popping dance moves by the pool and saying almost anything that comes to her mind; and for some reason we like it! Royce sat down with HelloBeautiful to chat about “Basketball Wives”, her personal style, beef with Evelyn Lozada and her relationship with Jennifer’s soon-to-be ex-husband Eric Williams!

HB: Do you feel you portray a positive image for young women as a role model?

I try but I’m not perfect. I’m very driven & ambitious. I’m constantly building & trying to further my career. As far as portraying myself as a positive role model, I’m getting there. I believe with all my career moves I will be able to say that more strongly in the coming year.

HB: Do you aspire to be a role model for young women?

I aspire to be true to myself and a good mom first. Within that, the role model “role” may come. I speak to young girls a lot and although they know me from being on “Basketball Wives” the first thing I list is my resume. I don’t want young ladies aspiring to be a basketball wife, ex, etc. I want them to aspire to reach their own goals and dreams and if it’s in their cards a good man, whether he’s an athlete, Doctor, Lawyer, Blue Collar, etc will come. Take care of you first, it’s far more attractive to be known by your own name, than someone else’s.

HB: Describe your fashion sense…

What fashion sense? [Laughs] I’ve never been into fashion because growing up & all through college I was either at gymnastics, cheer practice, dance rehearsal, or track practice. I never really had time to get into fashion. Some of the stuff I see people wearing is ugly to me. I look at some clothes people wear and say “Oh, wait till your kids get older and see these pictures 20 years from now.” Let’s face it, jeans never get old but on the flip side, I’ve gotten to the point where I believe no matter what I wear people are going to hate it so why not give them something to talk about…Hence the car dealership with the high socks & sneakers!

HB: Why do you have so much hatred for Evelyn Lozada is there something we aren’t seeing behind the scenes?

I don’t hate Evelyn. I may not like her at the present moment but it would take a lot for me to hate someone. Now she may feel differently but hate is too strong of a word to describe my feelings towards her.

HB: As a black women do you think Basketball Wives portrays black women in a negative manner?

I’m on the show and I definitely feel that way! That’s another reason I keep signing on. Although I am not perfect and I did fight in self-defense on National TV, I feel I try as much as I can to bring some sort of intelligence. I have a college degree, graduated from FAMU an HBCU and I’m expanding my career. I wish the show portrayed more of our business sides and career moves than just Shaunie’s because it seems as if she is the only one doing something which is FAR from the truth!

HB: As a woman would you mind if a friend was tweeting your ex-husband like you do to Eric Williams?

My friends talk to my ex/exes all the time. It doesn’t bother me & honestly it helped mend the awkwardness and bitterness we may have had towards one another. In order for a man to be in my life, my family and friends have to like them, otherwise it won’t work. I spend a lot of time with my family and friends so if there’s no love it’s uncomfortable. I trust my friends and my family so it was never a negative feeling towards them remaining cool.

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