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The launch of the tween makeup and skin care line GeoGirl was a grand affair filled with product surrounding every corner of the loft, a stage, lunch tables and chalk boards filled with texting terms that tweens have adopted as their daily form of expression. But, what really stood out to me were the young girls milling about proudly wearing makeup and discussing the various skin care and makeup products with the beauty editors who were in attendance. However, amidst the excitement was the nagging question in my head – “makeup for tweens – really?

The creators of this eco-friendly cosmetics line (sold exclusively at Walmart), say that the “tech-savy” Generation Z (8-12 years old) girls care about the environment, “crave community” and connect with one another in their primary language – texting shortcuts, also called “geo-speak.” Just look at the names of these two products: F2F (Face To Face) Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($4.99) which evens out skintone and KOC (KissOnCheeks) Cream Blush ($4.99) which goes on super-sheer, in fact the colors of the entire line is light on pigment.

We can all agree that the idea of makeup on a young girl or getting a child started on a skin care regimen so early in life is a touchy subject, but do you think it’s a subject that should be explored? The creators feel strongly that these super-sheer formulas do more than give a child a natural glow, they reinforce the idea of beauty coming from within while simultaneously giving the child the chance to learn early on another aspect of the grooming ritual all the while saving the planet one lip balm at a time.

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