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Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; however the real rock in a girl’s life is her father. While diamonds look beautiful and come in all shapes, sizes, cuts and colors, no one is there to teach a young girl important life lessons like her daddy. Although sometimes I may have given my father that, “you must be crazy” look as he drilled life lessons into me. As I’ve grown up, I look back and realize he did know what he was talking about. Plus, when you listen to your dad, he may be so proud that he throws in a few surprises for all you daddy’s girls out there!

Here are the three most important life lessons my father has taught me:

1.Have Confidence. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then who will?! For example, when going into a job interview, walk in there like you KNOW you are the best candidate for the job. After all, that is the message you want to convey to your future employer. If you do not believe that you are perfect for this job, why should the interviewer? Even if you may not have total confidence in yourself, tell yourself a few compliments, have good posture and walk in there like you know you are the best!

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2. Get Ahead. In anything in life, if you are a step ahead of everyone else, you will succeed. Whether it is applying for a job, studying for a test or getting ready for a big event in your life, if you prepare ahead of everyone else, then you will do better. Applying earlier than everyone else for a job lets the employer know that you are serious and are committed to the job. If you study early and often for a test, then you will get a better grade than if you didn’t. Preparing early for a big day such as a big day on the job, a concert, sports event, or moving also helps. If you prepare in advance for all these things, you will do better than if you had done these on the spot.

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3. Do The Right Thing. Although it may be very tempting to rebel, and sometimes us girls need to, in the end doing the right thing is the best decision. Many of the mistakes I’ve made in my life I look back on and think, “If I only listened to my daddy.” It may have been a hard decision at the time and rebelling probably looked more fun, but doing the right thing always is the best decision.

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