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Have you ever wondered why your hairstyles don’t last? It could be that you need to strengthen your locks.  Here’s why strong hair holds hairstyles longer:

Thick hair has more protein in its inner core than fine hair—it is this core that is responsible for making thick hair into strong hair. This extra thickness works well for holding volume hairstyles, as thick hair tends to be stiffer and have more natural lift than fine hair. Thick hair, while strong hair, does have its own hairstyling challenges, however. Its natural stiffness can make smooth, flowing styles difficult to create. Hairstyling products, such as mousses, can help add control to this strong hair with the use of flexible polymers.

Thick hair can also absorb up to 40% more moisture than fine hair, and that extra moisture can create dreaded frizz! For this reason, Pantene’s Medium to Thick Hair Solutions Frizzy to Smooth Conditioner has been formulated with micro-smoothers to help lock out humidity and prevent frizz.

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