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Should Police Officers Receive Harsher Sentences For Committing Crimes?

That’s what we are asking after hearing that a MPD officer was busted in a burglary ring sting. We asked the question on Twitter and here is what we heard.

“yep they should give cops more time because they are suppose to be held to a higher standard”.- BlackTrae

“Yes, they definitely should because the oath that they take is to protect and serve the people not to commit crimes” –Chclatebrowngrl

“punishment is harsher for ppl who commit crimes against police, so yes, their penalties should be more severe.” –TrillHansen

See article below.

A District police officer was arrested Saturday for receiving stolen property in a sting operation.

District police arrested Jennifer Green, 28, who was assigned to the D.C. police’s Fourth District, and charged her with receiving stolen property.

Read entire article at The Washington Post

Should Officers Receive Harsher Sentences For Committing Crimes?online surveys