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A man living in Illinois has been dating a woman via Facebook for two years now, and has never once met or seen her in person. Apparently, the man sent his love interest $200,000, and was soon shocked to find that she never even existed.

After he sent her money, she disappeared, leaving the man worried that she had been kidnapped and he then contacted the police. After explaining to the police that he just sent his girlfriend $200,000, the police reluctantly explained to the man that she did not exist, and that he was the victim of a scam. Go figure.

This wasn’t the first time the man sent his imaginary girlfriend money however. Previously, he was asked to wire money to Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the US, and of course he did.

The man noted that he asked for ID to prove that his Facebook love interest was real and was showed a Florida State license. However, police informed the man that the license was only a sample license, and was not real.

OUCH! Prime example of when online dating goes too far.

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