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Mirror,mirror on the wall. Who has the best camera phone pic of them all?

Everybody’s done it. You’re catch yourself in the mirror looking fabulous. Hair, makeup, and outfit is banging (for men, the six pack is looking extra toned). You realize you must capture this rare moment and share it with your boyfriend, Twitter followers, Facebook and Black Planet friends. So what do you do? You grab your smartphone, head to the bathroom, flip on the lights and begin your own private photo shoot. The best photo makes it up on your way and gets text to your friend and hopefully your profile page.

We took the best of the bathroom shots and created an album of our favorite mirror members. Take a look. Before you go make sure you read our three simple rules to a perfect mirror photo.

Top Rules to a Great Mirror Photo

Rule #1: Pick your set. Which room in your home offers the best lighting? Decide if it’s going to be the bathroom, bedroom or for those who dare … your car (please make sure you’re in Park before you snap away).

Rule #2: No pigsties please! Before you take that first pic, be sure to look around. Are there towels hanging in the bathroom? What about bras and stockings? If so, take them down immediately. No one wants to see how you live and if you’re hoping to attract the opposite sex your laundry is not going to help you. For extra points, pull the shower curtain behind you for a nice backdrop.

Rule #3: Strike a pose. Are you going for the back shot or the side shot? Pick your best angle but be honest with yourself.