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Do you hate your day job? Bored? Not motivated? If you’re young and low on the career ladder, your current gig may not be your dream job, as you’re still building skills. If you’re not in a position to move on, here are some tips to make your current day job more interesting from

Ask for more responsibility. When I was in college I took a summer job at a hospital where they needed someone to unbox computers and set them up. It was pretty simple stuff and I was in a position where computers weren’t coming in all the time. So I’d listen and see what types of problems people were having and then say, “I might be able to fix that, do you mind if I try?” The executives were having a very difficult time connecting to the computer system from home because the modems would always lock up. I asked if I could use an old computer to come up with a better solution and ended up creating a system that solved the problem. This kept me doing interesting things and also let me learn about stuff that went well beyond what I was hired to do. The trick is to find something that is being ignored right now that can be done in your spare time.


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