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    Advertising with & Radio One is the most effective way to reach the urban DC Metro market. That’s not marketing speak, it’s a fact.

    With just one buy you can reach your target audience on Radio-One’s five local websites as well as the large number of DC-specific visitors on the rest of our network of national sites.

    You can also combine your online campaign with the vast reach of WMMJ – DC’s R&B Station – and our other local DC radio stations to attract new business both on air and online.

    For online advertising inquiries please contact:

    Dwayne Whitaker
    (301) 429-4641

    For radio advertising inquiries please contact:
    David Howard
    (301) 429-2608

    For Political/Candidate rate requests please contact:
    Director of Sales, Alan Leinwand, at 301-429-2605.


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