Rapper Trick Daddy along with Trina are performing on the 2017 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage presented by Ford in April. The Miami native talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about what he’s looking forward to on the Cruise and why he prefers partying with the 30+ crowd. “I can’t wait. I been hearing about this […]

Trick Daddy will not let up! After being slammed on social media for his degrading comments about black women, Trick returned to social media to share a message to the ladies who had an issue with his sexist statements. Women on social media blasted the retired rapper for saying that black women need to “tighten […]


As if black women don’t get beat up in the white media enough, we also have to deal with the ridiculous logic and degrading opinions of some black men as well. This is especially the case with black male celebrities, some of whom love to point out what black women are doing wrong and what […]