According to a new report, DC drivers spend more than 2 days (or 65 hours) annually riding around searching for parking. Over paying for meters costs drivers $350 per year. In fact, searching for the perfect parking spot may cost each DC driver $1,367 annually. Not to mention unnecessary pollution. Compared to other states, DC […]


According to the DC Council, all students of the district should be able to ride Metro and Ride On buses for free. The decision was made to aid those students who use those forms of transportation to get to school on a daily basis. Read more about what the council is proposing to do from […]

Little Known Black History Fact

William Alexander Leidesdorff was born in 1810 in the Danish West Indies.  The son of a white Jewish Danish plantation owner and his common-law wife, Anna Marie Sparks, who was said to be of mixed African and Spanish and/or Carib ancestry, Leidesdorff left St. Croix in his teens to travel to Denmark in order to […]