The Obama swagger is back – and not a moment too soon. A feisty President Barack Obama seized control of a critical debate with Mitt Romney Tuesday, showing voters the grit, passion and leadership necessary to guide the nation through an unsteady economic recovery. In an overall contentious debate, Romney interrupted Obama on at least […]

Last night, the first presidential debate of Election 2012 took place at the University of Denver.  While political pundits were unimpressed by the POTUS’s performance, there is no question the First Lady dealt a mighty fashion blow in a royal blue dress suit from Preen.  While the color and print are fabulous, one little detail […]

Last time I had Tavis on my show, I got some rather ugly calls and emails.  I have to be honest,  I’ve known Tavis for 20 years.  You could even say he started his career in radio with me.  He did a daily commentary on local issues on my show in Los Angeles.  We sat in […]