I got LOTS of questions regarding the outfit I wore for the DC Lottery’s Red Carpet Experience.  I knew there would be burlesque at Sax Restaurant and Lounge so I decided to play on that theme and allow for much more cleavage than I’d usually show.  Since we were partying and doing the night club […]

Fall is around the corner and these are 10 items every “girl” needs in her fashion tool kit.  As always, consider fit, lifestyle and personal style when shopping. 1.) Statement Coat–A great statement coat goes a long way.  Play with bold colors, various fabrics, furs, and over-sized coats.  Fashion is about balance, so if your […]

Seems no matter what she does, someone is looking to find fault.  Apparently, someone who is handling Beyonce’s outfits, talks too much. EUR web reports that animal rights group PETA is on Beyonce’s case again – this time for her Super Bowl costume that contained leather, iguana and python skin, in addition to nylon and […]