It appears Good Morning America anchor, Michael Strahan, might be ruffling some feathers at work. Sources claim the media personality and former football player is getting special treatment from ABC bosses and his co-workers are hating. “They roll out the carpet for [Strahan] while seasoned talent is treated like dirt. He’s been given a lot […]

Reynolds remained vigilant that Castile did two things--followed proper protocol and informed the responding officer that he was in possession of a firearm. Reynolds repeatedly says he never brandished the weapon at any point during the traffic stop.

At least that’s what the people at TMZ think.  Does anybody think these two could be confused for twins?  For Sisters?  For anything?  While this is not as bad as  George Stephanopolus’s Bill Russell/ Morgan Freeman mix up at the Inauguration,  you have to wonder,  do some people think we all look alike?