There are TV shows about them. They are used live as storms are happening. They are called storm chasers, and they live dangerously…live being the operative word here. It’s usually safe, but 3 storm chasers found out the hard way that usually means nothing to a tornado.

Via TBD UPDATE: Justice Department correspondent for NBC News, Pete Williams, confirms names of suspect as James Jay Lee, a longtime protester of Discovery. ORIGINAL REPORT: Montgomery County police have confirmed the Discovery Communications headquarters on Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring has been evacuated after the report of a man possibly with explosives inside […]

VIA WASHINGTON POST: John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo’s killing spree in October 2002 happened just long enough ago that the saga now belongs in the collective millennial-age, post-9/11 scrapbook of Washington area anxiety and paranoia. Remember? The squatting while pumping gas, the jumping around, the zigzagging through strip-mall parking lots? And as Virginia […]