Snow is returning to the region, with big fat flakes being reporting in Montgomery County.  There’s a bit of a snow hole inside the Beltway, but it should fill in.  Temperatures are above freezing so this should be “conversational” snow by and large, with any sticking mainly on grassy areas.  If it snows hard enough, […]

I love a loyal listener, but this might (no, it is) taking it too far: A man in Palm Beach County, Florida (surprise!)  attacked his roomate with a machete after the roomate changed the radio station. Majic listeners, we love that you LOVE this radio station, but please don’t do this. For more details, please […]

VIA FORBES: The country may have started its long haul back to economic recovery — if recent news that consumer spending increased slightly in January is any indication. But even so, most Americans still aren’t ready to brag about their paychecks. Except, perhaps, in Loudoun County, Va., where median household incomes are higher than anywhere […]