Barack Obama

In an historical move, the President will appear on today’s episode of The View.  President Obama said the only reason he had chosen this show over all the others was because his wife Michelle watched it.

Shirley Sherrod appeared last week on The View and was met with some sharp questions. But the former public servant, still at the heart of controversy, was quick to rebut, especially in relation to the comments about race directed to her by none-other than Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

In an historic daytime appearance, President Barack Obama will feature on Thursday’s episode of The View. The show, being filmed today, will feature the first appearance of a sitting president on The View and is bound to be a heated experience. So we want to know, if you were one of The View panelist, what […]

Drake has made the cover of a new another magazine, Paper, where he addresses negative bloggers, staying calm, and playing Obama in a future film. Drake Gets Sued By Playboy Watch Out RiRi! Scorned Lovers Chris Brown & Drake To Collabo On playing Obama: I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama’s life soon because […]

Sasha Obama is 9 years old today and she’s celebrating with her classmates today on their last day of school.

Among the outspoken African-American political and social figures that have criticized President Obama for not doing more for black Americans in these tough economic times, Al Sharpton has emerged as the voice of support for Obama’s presidential initiatives designed to help all Americans. According to an article written for The Wall Street Journal, “President Barack […]

Hip-hop’s first couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, finally made it to the White House … only for a visit that is.

VIA:  TheHuffingtonPost.Com 26 year old Joshua Dubois has definitely made a name for himself.  Dubois has recently been appointed to the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships by President Obama.  See this video from the Prayer Breakfast where President Obama made is announcement:

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are on the cover of the March issue of ESSENCE. They spoke to the mag about education and how they deal with educating First Daughters Sasha and Malia:

VIA:  MSNBC When she moved to the nation’s most prestigious address, Michelle Obama’s husband told her that rough times were ahead. The country was in recession, people were out of work, the political parties were in open warfare — and the man who was going to be blamed for it all was President Barack Obama. […]

Check out our gallery of African American Political Firsts.  Without the work of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King none of this would be possible!  Enjoy!

Well, Barack did say that if a movie was ever made about him, he’d like Will Smith to fulfill the lead role, but does that mean that Will is fit to venture into politics, even off-camera?