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Women in suits

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A woman’s power to revolutionize whatever she touches is exemplified the second you witness a gorgeous lady in a suit. A man might give a pair of slacks and a matching blazer some swag, but there is an undeniable allure that illuminates the second a woman throws on a pair of trousers, a crisp blouse, and a matching sports jacket. Once they add the finishing touch to their ensembles, like cufflinks and pocket squares, their superpowers begin to activate, capturing the eyes of all women (and men) – gay, straight, or questioning.

Suits highlight power and dominance. In business, people wear a well-tailored 3-piece right before closing multi-million dollar deals. The uniformed look boasts a level of confidence that causes others to take you seriously. Outside of the office, the structured look becomes a sexy way to show off personal style. Whether you’re headed to a black tie event or going to brunch, rocking a suit garners attention from every angle.

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These 8 Women Prove That You Can Be Sexy And Dapper In A Suit

Women in suits is nothing new. We’ve watch Teyana Taylor and Jonica Booth blur the lines of femininity and masculinity in oversized pants and chest-bearing tops. Androgyny has become an intriguing form of self expression that proves sexiness is less about skin, and more about attitude.

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Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve made it my mission to spotlight women in suits because I’m a lesbian who knows what she likes. I don’t care if you’re rocking a suit with heels or a fresh pair of sneakers, as long as you know how to put that sh*t on! Plus, I enjoy watching straight women question themselves after seeing a group of ladies slay a bright-colored suit with nothing but coconut oil on their chest. So, without further ado, here’s a listen of 8 women who wear the hell out of a suit.

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1. Celecca “AJ” Fedrick

Celecca “AJ” Fedrick Source:@infamousphotos_graphicsllc

“In a suit I feel powerful, confident, sophisticated, but most importantly, I feel at peace with myself and how I present myself to the world. The clothing I choose to wear helps affirm my identity.” – Celecca “AJ” Fedrick 

2. Jennifer N

Jennifer N Source:Jennifer N

“When I got my first job as an attorney, I started wearing suits everyday just because it was an easier wardrobe choice. But over time, I started to enjoy adding small creative details to my suit game – mixing in traditionally masculine elements (neckties, cufflinks, etc) with feminine ones (heels, purses, etc). A perfect reflection of the duality of my personality! Wearing a suit makes me feel powerful, professional, and stylish. I feel like I can walk into any room and own it.” – Jennifer N.

3. Abriel Brown

Abriel Brown Source:Antoinne Duane Jones

“I love the confidence wearing a suit gives me. When I wear a suit I feel like it captures the contrast of feminine and masculine energy working together. Anytime I get to wear a suit I’m excited. From a night in the city to the 9-5, suits are a part of who I am.” – Abriel Brown

4. Coach Dee

Coach Dee Source:creative.visualz

“When I rock a suit, I think of my self-love and acceptance journey. As I embody both my masculine and feminine qualities, it makes me feel proud to be that representation as a Masculine presenting queer woman showcasing representation in such a stylish yet unapologetic way!” – Coach Dee

5. Cicely Moore

Cicely Moore Source:Twanna Moore

“I feel both liberated and empowered when I wear a suit. Women in suits symbolizes freedom, self-expression and confidence; especially in a world where women have so many roles to play. This is our opportunity to express our Love for self through fashion as well.” – Cicely Moore

6. Tiff

Tiff Source:Tiff

“I love a good charming suit. Wearing one makes me feel exceptional, regal, and beautifully confident. I consider myself to be a charismatic person with great taste who is also very classy, respectful, and honorable. In general, suits just add that extra polish to my presentation and personality. Most importantly, there is a powerful energy that comes with wearing a good suit, so every time I wear one, I do my best to rock it gracefully.” – Tiff

7. Carmen Miller

Carmen Miller Source:@antoinneduanejones

“When I wear a suit, I always feel really good and confident. It gives me a business casual look that makes me feel incredibly sharp and put-together.” – Carmen Miller

8. Milly Degraff

Milly Degraff Source:Milly Degraff

“There’s a power in me that’s ignited when I put on a suit. Sorta like a superhero and her cape. I feel very capable… a bit wondrous, even.” – Milly Degraff