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When are we going to stop acting like NeNe Leakes, though entertaining, is exhausting as f*ck? As a Real Housewives Of Atlanta and NeNe Leakes’ fan, I’ve watched the reality TV star go from Linnethia to “I’m very rich.” Watching her brand grow into an entertainment a fashion empire has not only made for great TV, it’s inspiring. But something about her behavior on season 11 of RHOA feels emotionally abusive and I’m tired of people not calling her out on it.

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NeNe appeared on E! Daily Pop this week and continued to play the victim as she bashed her former bestie Cynthia and not one of the hosts challenged her with questions about her bully-ish behavior this season.

NeNe refuses to take accountability for her behavior and it is exhausting. The first part of the reunion aired Monday night and reiterated what we’ve known to be true about NeNe, she doesn’t want friends, she wants a legion of followers to validate her feelings and kiss her ass. We say that with love.

If you haven’t been keeping up with this season, you missed a “bye wig” party, Porsha’s gender reveal, “closet-gate” and the ridiculous fallout between Cynthia and NeNe and Gregg’s intense battle with cancer. It’s been a dramatic load of episodes, all of which painted NeNe as a narcissist.

For eleven seasons now, we’ve enjoyed one-liners like “girl bye,” “close your legs to married men” and “so nasty, so rude,” which we use on repeat. The witty shade and even louder eye-rolls became the thing we loved most about NeNe and provided us with gif ammo for days, but lately, her inflated antics seem more like emotional abuse than entertainment.

NeNe positioned herself as the unsupported caretaker, who never supports anyone else. She could frequently be heard saying, “support me dammit” amid arguments typically exacerbated by her inability to self-reflect. NeNe single-handedly turned every peach holder, sans Shamari and Marlo (who doesn’t actually posses a peach) against her, but instead of taking responsibility for her role in it, she used it as a defense mechanism to push her friends even further away.

For what?

In NeNe’s defense, she and Gregg’s marriage has been strained since his cancer diagnosis and it’s taken an obvious emotional toll on the reality TV star, who always appears so strong. But who tends to the strong when they’re feeling weak? Friends. Family. But the friends who were there for NeNe, including Cynthia whom NeNe, herself, said has been super supportive. Being a caretaker isn’t an excuse to be so nasty, so rude.

NeNe can’t see outside of herself to do anything for the betterment of those around her. If she isn’t the center of attention, she garners attention at the expense of her loved ones.

This whole Cynthia bash session is unnecessary. Sure, Cynthia lied about inviting her other friend Kenya Moore to her celebratory event but one would think NeNe would question why her very close friend would have to lie in the first place. But no. Instead she feels profoundly hurt by Cynthia’s not-really deception, deception. This coming from someone who’s stressed in previous seasons that she doesn’t have to

What’s NeNe’s gripe with Kenya anyway? To further add to her obnoxious behavior, she also feels comfortable body shaming pregnant women. She called Porsha a “blimp” during the reunion and questioned in Kenya was giving birth to a buffalo? Girl what? Not to mention the disgusting text messages she sent Porsha days after the first time mother gave birth.

NeNe’s had controversial moments in the past, ie: wishing rape on an audience member at her comedy show, her “girls and gays” soiree, the time she blamed Kenya for Christopher Williams attacking her and the time she called Kenya’s ga bestie a “queen.” All of which was followed by an apology.

But this time around, NeNe refuses to even acknowledge how ridiculous she’s being to people who were actually supportive of her. Clearly we’ve rewarded her bad behavior with laughter and accolades, but it’s time we give NeNe some tough love.

And Black Twitter is also here to do so…

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