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The 18 Most Interesting McDonald’s Menu Items (PHOTOS)  was originally published on

1. McSpaghetti


The McSpaghetti joins a long list of McDonald’s specialty items that failed miserably. Served with a side of fried chicken, the McSpaghetti gained popularity in the Philippines, but of course, the Italians hated it.

2. McLobster


If you live in the New England region of the U.S., you’ve probably seen one of these before. The McLobster is most readily available in Maine, and is served seasonally during prime lobster season.

3. McIndia McAloo Tikki

McIndia McAloo Tikki

The McAloo Tikki is served in India, and is a breaded potato patty with onion and tomato on a plain bun.

4. McBratwurst


The McBratwurst was initially introduced to Wisconsin & other neighboring Midwest states in the early ’90s. In 2002, McDonald’s teamed up with Johnsonville sausage company to revamp the McBratwurst.

5. McCrab Cake Sandwich

McCrab Cake Sandwich

The McCrab Cake was introduced in the regional area of Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia). The crab cake sandwich didn’t do too well, but at least McDonald’s tried.

6. McBacon Roll

McBacon Roll

The McBacon Roll is primarily served at McDonald’s UK locations. This breakfast item is typically served with Heinz Tomato Ketchup or a British “brown” sauce.

7. McPizza


The McPizza was initially served in the U.S. in the ’70s. Due to its 11-minute cooking time, the item was eventually discontinued. McDonald’s attempted to bring back the item in Canada in the early ’90s, but similar problems arose.

8. The Onion McNuggets

The Onion McNuggets

Don’t know who wants fried onion nuggets, but in the 1970s, McDonald’s thought it was a good idea.

9. McDonald’s Steak & Egg Burrito

McDonald’s Steak & Egg Burrito

McDonald’s initially introduced their Mexican-inspired breakfast burritos in 1991. Although most McDonald’s across the country discontinued the item, states like New York, New Mexico, California, & Arizona still serve them to this day.

10. McDonald’s Peaches & Mango Pie

McDonald’s Peaches & Mango Pie

In 2008, McDonald’s introduced the peaches & mango pie at Hawaiian locations. Using the same shell as their classic apple pie, McDonald’s appeals to their Hawaiian customers with a regional fruit.

11. McArabia


The McArabia was introduced in Egypt and across the Middle East in 2003. The Arabic style pita sandwich is served two ways, with grilled chicken or grilled kofta (beef with spices).

12. McVeggie


McDonald’s wants to appeal to vegetarians as well. The veggie burger comes on a whole wheat bun and is served in India, Greece, and Slovenia. McDonald’s also introduced a McBean, which is an option for vegan costumers. The McBean is only available in Sweden.

13. McDonald’s Bacon Potato Pie

McDonald’s Bacon Potato Pie

The Bacon Potato Pie is a smash hit in Japan. The flaky outer shell is filled with mashed potatoes, chunks of bacon, and deep fried.

14. McGazpacho


McGazpacho is served in Spain. The famous chilled soup is served with chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber, peppers, celery, flavored with lemon juice and Tabasco.

15. Chicken Singaporridge

Chicken Singaporridge

The Chicken Singaporridge is served at McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore. The item is simply sodden rice, chicken, ginger, onions, shallots, and chili pepper.

16. McShrimp Burger

McShrimp Burger

The McShrimp Burger is most famous in Japan. The lightly fried seafood sandwich is filled with minced shrimp.

17. McDonald’s Mozzarella Dippers

McDonald’s Mozzarella Dippers

McDonald’s Mozzarella Dippers are served at their UK locations. The menu item is simply three sticks of mozzarella cheese coated in breadcrumbs and served with a salsa dip.

18. McRib


For some reason, the McRib is still around. The McRib was initially introduced at Midwest locations in the mid-70s, but was eventually pulled from stores 10 years later. In 2005, McDonald’s decided to bring back the rib sandwich. Now, the sandwich is served as a seasonal treat.