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Ice-T is still going strong as an actor and entertainer in 2021 and has become one of the most engaging personalities on social media. Fans on Twitter are discussing the veteran Hip-Hop star after photos of his five-year-old daughter went wide and they can’t get over how much the little girl looks so much like her father.

Of course, it goes without saying that genetics work themselves out a certain way and that Ice-T’s genes are definitely strong in this case. The little girl’s mother, Coco Marrow, is also featured in one particular and very cute image that’s surfaced. But, as the fans have noted, the little girl is a spitting image of Ice-T.

On Twitter, being the space that it is, folks are having a good time cracking some jokes about Ice-T’s iPhone Face ID security and even bringing his hit series Law & Order into it. Thankfully, we haven’t seen anyone say anything too out of pocket, and we wouldn’t be featuring such nonsense aimed at a kid on here anyway. Even some Twitter users were shocked that the slight digs and shots were kept to a minimum. Let’s keep it that way.

Ice-T has largely been oblivious to the uproar of his baby doppelganger after saluting one story as “COOL” via Twitter to a fan.

“Lol… I have No idea to know what’s TRENDING on Social Media.. I’m gonna keep it that way….,” wrote Ice-T to all the fervor surrounding the photos.

Check out the reactions from Twitter regarding Ice-T and his adorable little girl below.

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