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Sh*t Black People Say: Words & Phrases We’ve Remixed  was originally published on

1. Kicks


While sneaker head come in all colors, it’s the Black shoe lovers who call their beloved shoes…kicks.

2. Sharp


Sharp means a man or woman, but mostly a man is dressed to the nines. Usually said man is in a well-tailored suit. As in, “Oooh, brother you are looking SHARP today!”

3. Cookout


What is typically known as a BBQ or grilling out has been renamed by many a Black folk as a cookout. As in, “Girllll, you going to Ray Ray’s cookout on Saturday, I’m bringing ice and you know I’m making a to-go plate.”

4. The Scripture/The Good Book

The Scripture/The Good Book

The Scripture or the good book refers to none other than the Bible. Yes, there’s the Quran and Bhagavad Gita, but the one that matters most to Black people is…The Scripture.

5. Doobie


Black women love going to the salon to get their hair laid, but when you get a nice wash & set and the hairstylist sends you on your way with your hair wrapped–that’s called a doobie. Thanks for letting the world know, Rihanna.

6. Bourgeois (but we pronounce Boo-gzee)

Bourgeois (but we pronounce Boo-gzee)

While the word is French and refers to the middle class, Black people have taken it to mean stuck up, rich and pretty much phony. It’s become more of a lifestyle. Ask Jennifer Williams of “Basketball Wives” fame, who’s never even seen a food stamp.

7. Sleeping Clothes

Sleeping Clothes

I never even knew what pajamas were until I slept over at my White best friend’s house in 7th grade. They were and always will be sleeping clothes. It’s the clothes you wear to sleep in!

8. Make Groceries

Make Groceries

This phrase has roots in the south, specifically New Orleans. This is simply called buying and/or getting groceries. You can’t MAKE groceries! LOL!

9. Sheers


My grandma never called stockings, stockings. It was always, “Why ain’t you wearing any sheers, child?”

10. Headwrap


LOL at this thug though. But yes…headwraps–the scarves you tie around your freshly done hair before going to bed at night. If you’re horrible at tying scarves like I am, you’ll usually find it in the bed by morning.

11. Pocket Book

Pocket Book

There’s so many names for the convenient all-my-things holder you wear on your shoulder. Bags, purses, handbag or whatever–there’s nothing like a good old fashioned pocket book.

12. Coin Purse

Coin Purse

This is most likely something your grandma says. “Gon’ in there and get me my coin purse,” as she’s pointing to her purse that’s beside you in the pew (Yes, you’re at church) so that she can pay her tithes and offerings.

13. Stories


What do you mean stories, you ask? These are your favorite soap operas, but instead of trying to say that tongue twister (try saying “soap opera” 5 times fast), just call it what it is, stories.

14. End Of Times/Days

End Of Times/Days

Black people love referring to the end of times, aka the Apocalypse or Armageddon when the weather isn’t logical, multiple heart-wrenching crimes

15. Church Clothes

Church Clothes

There’s a major difference between your street clothes and the clothes you wear to church aka your Sunday’s best. These are the clothes that you’re only able to wear to church on Sunday.