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Sexyy Red Dragged For Her MASA/MAGA-Inspired Red Hat

Source: Kayla Oaddams / Getty / Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and this latest reason isn’t helping her get in the good graces of those people.

Suppose you happen to catch any of Sexxy Red’s performances on purpose. In that case, you will notice a big red inflatable cap that plays around with the new-age Klan hood, Donald Trump’s MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat, and flips it with Make America Sexyy Again, which hilariously spells out MASA.

We couldn’t make any of this sh*t up if we wanted to.

Sexyy Red’s MASA hat stage prop was the subject of discussion back in March during her performance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles on March 15, and it is once again stirring things up on social media.

Social Media Is Not Here For Sexyy Red’s MAGA/MASA Antics

The “Get It Sexyy” rapper brought the MASA hat out again on stage, this time for her Roots Picnic 2024 performance this past weekend, and people in attendance were not happy about it, calling out the 26-year-old Hip-Hop star on X, formerly Twitter.

“This isn’t just a one off, Sexyy Red has repeatedly dove into Trump MAGA s**t. It’s the way I’ll never get into her sundown town ass,” one person wrote on X.

Another person wrote, “I clocked that Sexyy Red and MAGA connection long ago. What she’s doing and being given an opportunity to do is intentional. Smh.”

In response to the backlash, Sexyy Red took to her personal X account, claiming she is not “endorsing anybody, period.”

Fans have quickly reminded her when she showed love for Donald Trump because of stimulus checks and getting people out of jail on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast.

“I like Trump,” she said. “Yeah, they support him in the hood. At first, I don’t think people was f**king with him. They thought he was racist, saying little s**t against women. But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people that free money. Awe, baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office.

Social media never forgets.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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