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Selah & The Spades

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If you have yet to catch the new indie film Selah and the Spades on Amazon Prime, please do, because the film and its star Lovie Simone are flawless.

Written and directed by Tayarisha Poe, her brilliant feature film debut centers on Selah (Simone), an overachieving and whip-smart high school senior who attends a lush boarding school in Pennslyvania. But as I recently wrote for the HuffPost, Selah, who looks innocent, is anything but.

“There are no boundaries to how far she will go to stay on top of her grades, her lucrative drug-running game and her easily manipulated friends Paloma (Celeste O’Connor) and Maxxie (Jerome Jharrel). But what happens when a control freak feels all that power slowly slip away? In Selah’s case, she begins to crack and unleashes on anyone who poses a threat to her legacy.”Sis is an amazing villain and gives one of the most haunting and vulnerable performances of this year. Just take a look at this clip:

Now if Simone looks familiar it’s because the Bronx native plays Zora Greenleaf on your Saints-approved favorite soap Greenleaf. We will see her next in the remake of the cult-classic horror film, The Craft.

The 20-year-old told Teen Vogue last year that she is “intentional” about the projects she lends herself and her talent to.

“I’ve always been intentional with everything that I’ve chosen,” she admitted.

“I do feel like I’m just attracted to quality and I’m attracted to storylines that are very complex, which is why I feel like I would play in almost every kind of drama there is in the film industry.

Here she is with her amazing cast, which includes Emmy winner Jerome Jharrel, Gina Torres and Jesse Williams to name a few.

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Also, just a little-known fact: a few years ago, Lovie was making beauty and hair tutorial videos on YouTube. Here she is with her bomb twist out:

Ok boo!

Speaking of hair, Lovie is known for being tresses chameleon, rocking every style imaginable. From long blond braids to a huge afro to luxurious faux locks, here are 13 times the actress showed off her versatile lewks:

Watch Selah and the Spades on Amazon Prime now.

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1. Power To The People!

2. Yaaaass Bangs!

3. Lady In Locs

4. OK Lemonade!

5. Ok Top Knot!

Ok Top Knot! Source:Getty

6. Twist Out Dream

Twist Out Dream Source:WENN



8. Luxurious Faux Locs

Luxurious Faux Locs Source:WENN

9. We Stan An Afro Queen

We Stan An Afro Queen Source:Getty

10. Give Me All The Twist Outs

Give Me All The Twist Outs Source:Getty





13. The Bigger The Fro, the Better

The Bigger The Fro, the Better Source:Getty