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Saweetie Tells The Ladies To Pass On Him If He Ain't Buying Birkin Bags

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Saweetie put the fellas on notice today.

Saweetie should be celebrating the release of her new single “Back To The Streets” feat. Jhene Aiko, instead she just started a whole new dating debate. While on her boo, Quavo’s Instagram Live, the “My Type” rapper preached a new standard that the ladies should live by when it comes to selecting a potential bae.

Saweetie boasted he basically isn’t worth your time if he ain’t buying Birkin Bags or paying bills. Now keep in mind, Hermès Birkin bags are handcrafted and strictly exclusive are regarded as the most expensive bags in the world and could set you back $40,000 to $500,000 for just one bag.

Now, Trump-supporting rapper 50 Cent rapped on Pop Smoke’s record “The Woo” that when it comes to the bags that if you can’t buy her a Birkin that “You might be out your league.”

As you can imagine, Saweetie’s honest but unrealistic standards when it comes to being courted have sparked a battle of the sexes on Twitter that is sure to spill over to other social media mediums. Case in point, one woman on Twitter, wrote:

“Men in the comments are mad women have standards. But there are multiple tweets on here of men saying they want women with money Black men and their jedi mind trick pimparchy tactics.”

A male user replied:

“I’m glad u think buying a Birkin is a “Standard”…. Some of yall are experts at masking your materialism and calling it a standard….”

It’s literally the war of the roses going on Twitter right now. But for the most part, people are displaying common sense when it comes to the Birkin Bag dating requirement and even pointing out that the bags are not worth their steep asking price.

Is Saweetie right? or is she doing too damn much? You can peep the reactions to the Birkin Bag madness below.
Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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