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It was painful to watch Marc Daly and Kenya Moore attempt to look like a family unit on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fans of RHOA, who have been watching since Kenya made her debut, have seen lots of painful moments with Kenya and her suitors. Walter, the first man we ever met on TV with Kenya, was fake. Walter has admitted that he agreed to be on the show with Kenya as someone she was dating, because they were casually dating. However, Walter claims he didn’t know that Kenya had told producers that they were getting married. Throughout that ordeal, Walter treated her like crap, probably because he was annoyed that things went so left. Sigh.

Moving on, we’ve seen other situations with Kenya Moore and alleged suitors on RHOA go straight to hell all in the name of attention. Now, here we are. Obviously, there’s a pattern. Kenya wanted marriage and a baby so badly (and the attention that comes along with that) that she was willing to do anything to get it, even if it meant bribing emotionally unavailable men. So, about last night.

There was a scene where Kenya, Marc, and baby Brooklyn, sat down as a family for what can now go down in the books as one of the most awkward reality TV show moments in history. Anyway, Marc has been notoriously private but last night he did Kenya a solid and appeared on camera. He clowned her cooking and basically told Kenya that he prefers their baby over her. Putting your kid first is one thing, but preferring over your child over the woman who carried the kid is…yikes. The other thing that really set off alarms for myself and other viewers is that Kenya wanted to plan a romantic birthday trip for the two of them, and Marc just didn’t want any parts of it unless the baby could come, probably as an excuse to keep them from having to bond.

As a parent myself, I can tell you that there is nothing better than being able to go on a vacation with your spouse without the kids, especially when said children are babies. So, it was odd that he was so adamant that the baby come. Kenya pushed back and said that if they took they baby on the trip then they should also get a nanny and Marc was still looking at her like:

It was painful to watch but Kenya sets herself up for these things and now, the tweets are talking. I’m not the only one who is suspicious.


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