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While Twitter might one day become a cultural relic in its own right one day, the social media network has been a vital hub for the revival of beloved items from decades ago. A Twitter user posted a question of turning back the hands of time to 1987, sparking many others to remember one-time electronic goods giant Radio Shack as an integral part of the landscape.

Twitter user Kenneth Palermo posed the question of sending the timeline back to 1987 and asked, “It’s 1987 … which one do you go to?” about a multiplex cinema sign showing 1980s classic films such as The Lost Boys, Robocop, Predator, and Full Metal Jacket from a shopping mall sign that was joined by a Radio Shack logo atop the movie offers.

The image from Palermo’s tweet is actually from the set of an upcoming film titled Secret Headquarters, which is about a young boy and his friends discovering a secret superhero lair that might belong to the boy’s estranged father.

According to a post from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the sign was staged at the Gwinnett Place Mall in the Atlanta region and was the site of the fictional Starcourt Mall in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things.

Radio Shack, now largely stylized as RadioShack, was one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in America and a staple of shopping malls, plazas, and small-town shops that sold everything from batteries, flashlights, radios, televisions, recording devices, cameras, and other related goods.

Today, RadioShack has moved to a strictly online e-commerce format and supplies electronics for Hobby Lobby.

With others noticing the Radio Shack sign, Generation X Twitter is having a little fun by remembering the time and their visits to the store as well. Check them out below.

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