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Pornhub recently announced changes to its policies that have led to the deletion of millions of videos from unverified accounts. With two major companies dropping their involvement with the adult video streaming service, fans are going to have to dig into the archives for their, ahem, visual aids.

Over the weekend, Pornhub announced its new changes in a bid to, in their words, place “the safety of our community” as their “top priority.”

From Pornhub:

Last week, we enacted the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history. We banned unverified uploaders from posting new content, eliminated downloads, and partnered with dozens of non-profit organizations, among other major policy changes (please read here for more details).

As part of our policy to ban unverified uploaders, we have now also suspended all previously uploaded content that was not created by content partners or members of the Model Program. This means every piece of Pornhub content is from verified uploaders, a requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute.

Leading non-profit organizations and advocacy groups acknowledge our efforts to date at combating illegal content have been effective. Over the last three years, Facebook self-reported 84 million instances of child sexual abuse material. During that same period, the independent, third-party Internet Watch Foundation reported 118 incidents on Pornhub. That is still 118 too many, which is why we are committed to taking every necessary action.

Kudos to Pornhub for being a leader in making sure that content that gets uploaded to its servers can be traced to a source, doing away with the Wild Wild West of Internet content and social media imagery we see today. Further, taking down the child sexual abuse material was also key as that has no place on the Internet at all.

Adult video can be a great safe sex alternative and those who wish to consume the product should be able to do so without running into objectionable material. On the flip side, some fans of the site are complaining that this is a knee-jerk reaction to anti-porn and sex trafficking organizations who claim Pornhub has run unchecked for years. In other words, there might be some deletions that are unwarranted.

Despite losing a ton of content, Pornhub still has plenty of good, legal content to sift through but the #RealBeaters collective is no doubt pouring out a little lotion at the thought. We’ve got reactions from Twitter below.

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