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Today (October 2), Billionaire Boys Club, the luxury streetwear brand founded by Pharrell Williams and NIGO, is ecstatic to unveil an extensive partnership with Cam Kirk Studios to elevate creativity in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by notable Atlanta-based photographer and entrepreneur Cam Kirk, the studio is a place for photographers and creatives alike to create projects and sharpen their creative skills. Just celebrating its six-year anniversary, Cam Kirk Studios continues to see Atlanta’s creative community create in their space, as well as work with the biggest brands in the world.

Billionaire Boys Club has always been at the forefront of celebrating and nurturing creative talents across the globe, be it musical artists or visual innovators. Throughout its 20 years, Billionaire Boys Club has witnessed countless collaborations with those who redefine creativity, and now, they are proud to unveil a dedicated and permanent hub for the very minds that inspire the brand daily.

BBC’s alliance with Cam Kirk has flourished over the years through numerous brand content ventures. Deepening this bond, BBC is thrilled to formalize a partnership with Cam Kirk Studios. Nestled in the heart of ATL, the Billionaire Boys Club Creator’s Lab, housed within Cam Kirk Studios, will be a beacon for the local creative community. Equipped with state-of-the-art Microsoft Surface devices, cutting-edge Adobe design suites, 3D machinery, gaming and streaming room and more, this space is destined to be a hive of innovation and learning.

“To see my relationship with Billionaire Boys Club materialize into a Creators Lab at my studio is a dream come true,” said Cam Kirk, Founder of Cam Kirk Studios. “Cam Kirk Studios has always been a place to support creators and build community in Atlanta, and this partnership bolsters our commitment to fulfill that mission.”

Creatives and aspiring artists can anticipate a myriad of events and immersive experiences at Billionaire Boys Club Creator’s Lab at Cam Kirk Studios, all curated to inspire, educate, and elevate creativity in Atlanta. Experiences include Club Talks highlighting Atlanta-based creatives, monthly night school weekend classes from beginner to advanced courses, E-Sports and gaming competitions, networking mixers, and more. The very first experience will be the Pinterest Creator Residency from October 11 to October 13.

Creators can begin booking space and scheduling time at the lab beginning today. Billionaire Boys Club Creator’s Lab at Cam Kirk Studios will be open to the public for use beginning October 14. Check out some photos of the Creator’s Lab below!

Congrats to Pharrel, the BBC team and Cam Kirk on the partnership! For more information, please visit and

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Source:Cam Kirk Studios


Source:Cam Kirk Studios


Source:Cam Kirk Studios


Source:Cam Kirk Studios


Source:Cam Kirk Studios