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A Philadelphia Man, Eric Riddick, now 51, was wrongfully convicted and served a life sentence for more than 29 years over the 1991 shooting of William Catlett in South West.

Riddick’s case also caught the attention of Meek Mill as Eric Riddick was also Meek Mill’s former cellmate at the State Correctional Institution Chester.

Meek Mill was incarcerated there from November 2017 to April 2018 for probation violations. After his release, Meek Mill spoke out in favor of Riddick to the media and on his social platforms.


The Supervisor of the District Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit, Patricia Cummings, told Common Pleas Court Judge Lucretia Clemons that “Riddick was deprived of his right to a fair trial because of evidence that was not fully disclosed to his then-defense attorney”.

The prosecutors however did not believe that Riddick did not kill Catlett and there was much evidence to support that he was an accomplice to the murder.

Riddick’s attorney, Emeka Igwe, disputed the prosecutors’ allegation that Riddick was an accomplice to the murder and said he was not involved with a gang. His attorney said Riddick was an innocent man who was wrongfully convicted.

Riddick also told the judge: “I’m actually innocent of this crime.” He said “Catlett was his friend.”

Attorney Emeka Igwe called on Gov. Tom Wolf to grant Riddick a full pardon, saying further evidence in the case shows that Riddick is “actually innocent.”

David Oh, Philadelphia’s City Council member petitioned for Riddick’s pardon. David Oh called it a “fantastic day”, but also mentioned that Eric Riddick, was forced to plead no contest in the case in order for him to be freed.

Meek Mill said on an Instagram post, “Eric Riddick home! This made my day! I watched him fight for his life everyday in Chester he had 27 years in … he did all the fighting a man could do …I gave him my word when I left I wouldn’t leave the men behind without real help! my walkie upstate!”


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