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Lenny Kravitz is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The 54-year-old iconic rock star is the epitome of aging like fine wine, giving these youngins’ a run for their money. Case in point: Over the weekend, Lenny blessed us with his serious 8-pack abs and a lesson on gratitude.

“Good morning. I thank God for another day of life,” he wrote on Instagram.

Adding, “Each day is a new birth. An opportunity to grow, learn, and love. What will you do today?”

Sir, we will take you and this uplifting mantra!


Thankfully, this is just par for the course when it comes to Lenny enticing his 2.5 million followers. He stays posting up thirst traps, and we stay staring at them.

Just take a look at all this perfection!

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1. The Things We Would Do!

Imagine waking up to him serving you coffee in the morning?!


3. It’s All About The Music, Man!

Lenny is currently on his Raise Vibration Tour in the UK and Europe, getting all the ladies across the pond to swoon.



6. In The Mood For Love

In February, the rock star told People that he “I would really like [to find love],” the rocker told People about his relationship status. “But it’s difficult for me, being so dedicated to my art, which is not an excuse, it’s just difficult.”


8. Working On Being Better

When it comes to be a better parter, Lenny admitted, “I’m a place now where I’ve been through so many relationships, and I haven’t been good at it all the time, at all,” he said. “I’ve had to a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m at a place where I’m ready for that.”



11. That Raw Diet Is Definitely Working Boo!

“I have a Champion juicer with me at all times,” he recently told Men’s Fitness magazine in 2016.

“I’ll hit the organic market or the farmer’s market and pick up some spinach, kale, carrots, beets, garlic – it really promotes great health. But I love good food, too.




15. You Can Read Us Anytime!