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R&B sensation & reality star K. Michelle is never one to hold her tongue on any issue, from her highly-discussed decision to undergo plastic surgery to those controversial comments she made a few years ago about being hurt that she can no longer work with her disgraced music mentor R. Kelly.

A recent situation now has her in the heat of a conversation on social media surrounding censorship after the “V.S.O.P.” vocalist flashed the audience during one of her live performances that’s since gone viral.


We’ll let the curious ones out there do a little research to find the video in question, but it started off simply with K. Michelle performing “The Rain,” a cover version of the New Edition classic “Can You Stand The Rain” that appears on her 2020 album, All Monsters Are Human. Without warning, or even much reason in the first place, K. Michelle opted to pull down her bra top momentarily to give fans a look at her, errr, assets if you will. Although the song itself is sexual in nature, many critiqued the singer for an act that many felt was unnecessary, with one fan even linking it to “addict behavior” following her battle with pain medication. Ironically, Pain Medicine was the original title of her upcoming final R&B album that will now be titled I’m The Problem.

When one fan questioned her antics by tagging her on the video and writing, “I don’t understand this one @kmichelle,” the Memphis-bred star fired back explicitly (seen above), writing, “What the fuck is for you to understand. I’ve been on MY STAGE, flashing MY FANS, for over 6 years now every show. If you have never been there or understand that’s your problem not mine. Now do you understand that?”


On one hand, K. Michelle makes a great point on the fact that it’s ultimately her show and she can dictate the creative direction of it, regardless of how X-rated things can get. On another note, what message does it relay to younger fans who might’ve been watching at home or, even worse, from the audience at the time.

Take a look at a few interesting reactions to K. Michelle’s recent “flash scene” on stage below, and let us know if you think she was in the right or just straight up wrong:



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1. Completely unnecessary. That’s why she’s so defensive about it

via @TheRoHub


via @MaliksIntellect

3. K michelle shoulda just wrote a poppin song instead of pullin her titties out to “sunny daysssss” or whatever she said in that song Lmfaoooo

via @SuckMyDizzNic

4. Showing titties at a concert isn’t inherently wrong it’s just… random like did someone in the crowd beg “show us the nipple K. Michelle!!”

via @Blike_Dante

5. K. Michelle wasn’t covering Can You Stand The Rain. She has a song that actually samples it and all of the lyrics are completely different. She made it a sexual song, but it still didn’t really require her to show her titties; she just likes attention. They look really fake also.

via @Kayla_Sherrie

6. But why does K. Michelle flash her audience during performances? Like I don’t want you to be singing and then flash ya titties. That’s weird.

via @Que_Q

7. Good morning! Seeing K. Michelle’s breast at a concert was definitely not on my March bingo card.

via @TheeHusky

8. Why K. Michelle thought we wanted to see her breasts?

via @__fetti

9. K Michelle wild. Not one part of can you stand the rain makes you want to just flash someone nice Titties tho

via @dnicewuzhere

10. I ain’t gone lie..k Michelle tittys perfect


11. Not K Michelle showin them stiff tits… giiirl!

via @LavishLindZee

12. At least K Michelle waited for black history month to end

via @Dreman1731

13. So K Michelle flashes her fans and has been doing so for the last 6 years Ay man…where them tickets? Knew I liked me her music for a reason

via @WayTooLoose

14. It ain’t a show if the gorls don’t make any appearance They don’t know what a Rebel is I see

via @StarmaticMedic

15. What’s the story behind that? Like what started it lol

via @lilthemessiah