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Jada Pinkett Smith at Red Table

Source: Sophy Holland / facebook

August Alsina just received the confirmation he was waiting for regarding his rumored relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith.


On Friday (Jul 10), during a special episode of her Facebook Watch talk show Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett-Smith brought herself to her infamous red table with husband Will Smith asking the tough questions.

“This Red Table for me, I had to address everything that is going on in the press,” Jada said. “With everything going on, I felt like it was important to go on the show to clear the air.”

After her opening statement, the Smiths waste no time diving into the topic at hand, breaking down the overall progression of she and August Alsina’s relationship.

“When August first came to us, he was very sick,” Will Smith said.

“Yes, he was sick and overcoming addiction and illness, he was in a bad place,” Jada added.

“But with the love from our family, he overcame that and began to turn things around,” Will Smith noted.

But the couple stated that while they were helping August heal, they were dealing with marital problems of their own.

“It’s crazy because it was like a year or two after August left, you and I were done, because I had made it up in my mind that I was done with you,” Will Smith said. “Remember that?”

“I remember,” Jada cosigned. “You didn’t want anything to do with me and told me to find my own happiness.”

The two reveal that it was during their private separation, that Jada entered a consensual relationship with August Alsina.

“After we made the decision to separate what we thought would be indefinite, at that time, I entered an entanglement with August,” Jada revealed.

Not letting her off the hook with the choice of words, Will Smith took cues from his wife and pressed her to confirm the exact nature of her relationship with the “Forever and a Day” singer.

“Now I have to act like you right now,” Will cautioned his wife. “You’re saying ‘entangled’ what does that mean exactly?”

“It means I had a relationship with Aug,” Jada confirmed.

Despite the shocking revelation happening over the last few weeks, the Smiths state that they are shocked at the timing of Alsina’s desire to speak his truth.

“For me, it’s not a problem with him speaking out about the relationship because it happened, I am just wondering why now?” Jada said.

Will Smith added that the notion he would give his wife “permission” was asinine referring to August Alsina’s claim that Will was okay with the affair, but Jada clarifies Alsina’s comment stating that he was speaking on the aspect that the two iconic actors were separated at the time.

“I know there was one thing that I want to make sure I clear up and that is the lie that [Will] gave me ‘permission’,” Jada continued. “First of all the only person who would need to give permission is me, but I don’t think that is what he meant because he never talked to Will about our relationship, but he knew that we were done with each other at the time. So I think that is what he meant by having Will’s permission.”

Despite the rough patch, the two maintain that with therapy and a lot of soulsearching they were able to overcome their issues, which resulted in August ghosting on Jada and the two being disconnected every since.

“It’ funny because I haven’t talked to him since we stopped communicating,” Jada said. “When you and I began working on things and I started talking to him more and more about you, he just disappeared and I haven’t talked to him since, and that’s been years and years ago.”

Although Jada and Will have come to terms with the now public indiscretion, Black Twitter came with the jokes calling Jada out for her use of “entangle” to reduce the impact of her relationship with August Alsina.

Check out the full episode and what Twitter had to say below.

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