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Lenny Kravitz turns 57 years old today and the one detail about the superstar that has remained true is that his style is simply timeless. The musician has incorporated different elements of rock, blues, soul, R&B, funk, reggae and more in his music. The same applies to his effortless style in fashion and design. Kravitz has been featured and credited by Architectural Digest because of his high-grade taste in interior design, adding his personal flare to his multiple homes across the world. From his Parisian home where his daughter Zoë Kravitz recently wed to his infamous home in Brazil, Lenny’s eye for quality art and design speaks volumes to his wondrous sense of style.

Over the years, his carefully curated homes have gone viral across social media for the homes unique designs, rare artwork and aesthetically pleasing spaces. We created a gallery of some of his beautiful homes throughout the years. Kravitz Brazilian and Parisian homes are still in his possession, while his Miami home designed in 1999 is not. Nevertheless, the jaw-dropping features within each home are worth mentioning and highlighting on this special day for the style King. Lenny Kravitz’ style is way ahead of his time.

Happy Birthday, Lenny! Check out this thread of Lenny Kravitz beautiful homes in celebration of his effortless and timeless style in both music and design. Comment your favorite below.

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1. Lenny’s 1999 Miami Home


Lenny Kravitz’ Miami home designed by Architröpolis in 1999. 

2. Miami (Pt. 2)


This home feels groovy and psychedelic like some of his catalogue. We can only imagine what he created in the late ’90s living in this space. 

3. Parisian Home


Kravitz’ home in Paris features rare Basquiat artwork on the walls and a long, dramatic staircase. It has a minimal and intentional design.  

4. Paris (Pt. 2)


The detailing on his light fixtures and flooring cannot be missed in this gorgeous home. It was a must that Zoë tied the knot in her dad’s home. 

5. Lenny’s Home In Brazil


His home in Brazil was once a coffee plantation. It features some of the most stunning elements of design. 

6. Brazil (Pt. 2)


The clawfoot stand alone tub next to the bed is next level. Kravitz outdid himself with this home. 

7. Miami Once Again


We had to come back to his 1999 Miami home. The ’60s  and ’70s space age and disco aesthetic has a stronghold on our memory banks right now. The style is impeccable.