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Tuesday night’s (Sept.29) debate was an absolute mess. One moment outside of weaponizing a hate group, in particular, had people scratching their heads.

During the orange menace’s 90-minute soliloquy of lies disguised as a debate performance, things got really weird when the subject shifted to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fox News host Chris Wallace who was supposed to be a moderator, brought up Trump’s super-spreader events, aka his campaign rallies, and the fact there is no social distancing and masks-wearing not being required.

In one of his many loud rants, Trump claimed that there have been no “negative effects” due to his rallies. He also took a jab at Joe Biden for holding smaller, safer events that follow Trump’s coronavirus guidelines, saying he is jealous of his larger events.

“We’ve had no negative effect. We’ve had no negative effect. And we’ve had 35 — 45,000 people at these rallies.”

Social media immediately said, huh? And began to blink in Herman Cain, who died after contracting the virus after attending his Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. White House correspondent April D. Ryan called Trump a liar and  tweeted:

“Donald Trump is a LIAR!!! He just said that his rallies during a pandemic have had no negative affect on people? Ask Herman Cain how that worked out for him! And that rally was INDOORS! He is the Spreader-in-Chief!” 

MSNBC host, Craig Melvin also reminded the world of that Cain died after attending a Trump rally:

“So far we’ve had no problem whatsoever.”- @realDonaldTrump on his rallies. A reminder. Herman Cain died from Covid after attending a rally.”

Hilariously, the late politician’s zombie Twitter account, did comment on Trump’s comments. You can peep more reaction to Trump falsely claiming that his rallies are just a hang out for his cult members to sip some of the COVID-19 Kool-Aid.

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

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