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Cardi B showed and proved that she’s a defender of the “real beaters” and “real bean flickers” massive and crew after taking to social media to defend the use of pornography. This comes as Candace Owens is on a public crusade to ban pornography and it appears that Owens has a lot of supporters according to what we witnessed on X.

On May 21, Candace Owens took to X and shared a tweet shooting down the usage of porn, claiming its use is deliberately weakening men.

“Ban pornography. It is a psychological weapon intended to weaken our men,” the political pundit wrote with several other users agreeing with her stance while others pushed back. As seen online, Cardi B caught wind of the tweet after it was posted on an Instagram account and replied under the post with a strong defense of the genre.

“Ommmggg why yall so against porn ? Is it that bad for yall ? I enjoy it but I don’t know I guess is like a 6 time a year thing. I personally don’t feel no connection or addiction to it just a little quick one two … NOTHING LIKE REAL INTIMACY!” read Cardi B’s response.

After someone challenged her stance, Cardi wrote, “How? It actually should teach men how to please a woman.”

On X, formerly Twitter, news of the exchange went wide and some folks are questioning Cardi B and essentially adopting the stance of Owens.

It should go without saying that pornography is for adult consumption and that like any other form of media, there should be some limits to what one exposes themselves too. Too much of anything can become an issue and Cardi clearly said it’s not a 24-7 thing but that part was skipped because people like to be emotional and loud online these days.

We’ve got replies with folks alarmingly siding with Candace Owens and unnecessarily name-calling Cardi B below.

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1. Maybe she saw something she liked and applied it to real life? *SHRUG*





6. This one could’ve stayed in the drafts because why?

7. She may have misspoke. Shoot her some bail.

8. Gotta get that insult in before making your point.