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Once again, Megyn Kelly offered up her opinion when no one asked for it. The alleged blackface expert and posterwoman for white privilege let off a tweet soaked in victim-blaming Jacob Blake.

New details have emerged in the incident where Blake was shot in the back at least seven times by a Kenosha. WI police officer on Sunday (August 23). According to the authorities, the police found a knife, which they say Blake told them he had, in the floorboard of his SUV. To be clear, the Wisconsin AG said the knife was discovered in the car’s floorboard and Blake allegedly told them it was there. That means he was unarmed.

Before we go on, let’s keep in mind that he didn’t have the knife on his person, and even if he did, it certainly wouldn’t have justified getting shot in the back 7 times at close range. The egregious shooting has sparked local and national protests, with just last night, NBA players announcing they were going on strike, during the playoffs.

So here comes Megyn Kelly trying to insinuate that the cops were justified by letting loose a whopper of atweet focusing on the knife. And no, we’re not reading too deeply into things considering she capitalized the word when she retweeted a news story about the revelation with, “Jacob Blake was armed with a KNIFE when cops shot him says Wisconsin AG.”


With her victim-blaming (and lie) on full display, Twitter was quick to drag Megyn Kelly, who once asked what’s the big deal about Blackface, only believe in a white Jesus and Santa Claus and has a history of bigoted rhetoric.

We’re always here for a Karen getting her comeuppance, so peep the best of the slander against her below. Of course, there are those on her side, but they can keep kicking rocks.



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