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In the wake of George Floyd’s fatal arrest and Black Lives Matter protests breaking across the globe, there is a new era of accountability ushering in, and social media, more specifically, Black Twitter is enforcing it.

Politicians, companies, celebrities, and athletes have seen the light and finally realized that:

  1. We weren’t lying when we said cops are out here being abusive as hell.
  2. We’re dying at a ridiculous clip at the hands of the cops, systemic racism, and the pandemic.
  3. Most importantly, Black Lives Matter.

Trying to be on the right side of history, those listed above have been trying to prove they’re allies in the fight by participating in the #BlackoutTuesday movement by posting a black square, tweeting #BlackLivesMatter and even joining marches taking place across the nation and around the world.

That’s all good, but Black Twitter definitely hit them with the aht aht aht in the form of “This You?” tweets remind them of the previous headassery they may have said or did. Current victims that set themselves up to be caught up in a “This You?” tweet include Mark Wahlberg, Disney, Justin Bieber, the NFL, and others.

Now granted, we have to give people room to change, and it is definitely possible that these individuals have done the work to show they have grown from the previous slipups. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be reminded which could help hold them accountable and keep walking on the straight path.

You can peep all of the “This You?” tweets in the gallery below.

Photo: PeopleImages / Getty

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