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Where would we be without Black Twitter?

We can always count on the users to give us plenty of laughs while keeping it real! So, you can imagine once they discovered that actress Zazie Beetz is not a fan of washing up regularly, a dragging ensued.

Yes, you read that correctly! The Atlanta star, who was born in Germany, is not on board for the American concept of showers. In a recent interview with Into The Gloss, the beauty got candid about her unique hygiene habits.

“I actually think Americans shower too much, the actress tells Into The Gloss. “I like a cat wash—I do my face, my armpits, and my… intimates.”

She continued, “I’ll use cocoa butter to moisturize. Nostalgic and functional—and it smells wonderful. Sometimes I use Sabon’s body scrub, but most of the time I just make my own with brown sugar and an oil, or brown sugar and honey. That’s quick and easy.” While the star doesn’t believe in our normal standard of cleansing our bodies, she does make a considerable effort in the hygiene department.

“I don’t use any perfumes… they’re so expensive, she admits. For years, I have been saying that I want a scent, because I love when you smell somebody and think, ‘Ah, you smell like you.’ But I kind of do have a scent — it’s just from the products I use, and not from perfume,” she said.

While many of us never thought we would see the day that a Black person would reject the standard of regularly cleansing your full body every day, Zazie has certainly shaken the table. The news also comes as a bit of a shock as Black Twitter exploded once when some white people admitted that they don’t wash their legs while showering.

Say it ain’t so girl! Cause we absolutely adore her and style. Just look at this perfect afro she rocked at the 76th Venice Film Festival earlier this week.

Or this lewk:

Oh well…Check out some of the shocking and downright hilarious reactions to Zazie’s hygiene below.

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