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5 Outfit Ideas for Spring Wedding Season

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Can we take a moment to bask in the awesomeness of mothers? I never understood how magical they were until I was recently inducted into the mom club. As the never-ending task list for my infant continues to grow, so does my appreciation for the women who do this while attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy.

As a mother, it’s challenging to carve out five minutes for yourself, let alone work a job, develop a brand, or live out a dream. However, nowadays, more mothers are pushing past the unpredictable days and restless nights to raise their children and keep their passions alive. Black women are starting businesses, crushing goals, living unapologetically, and graciously living out Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls)” lyrics, “Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.”

In the world of social media, more Black women bloggers are creating content while holding down the tots. Whether it’s traveling the world or giving their audience fashion inspiration, being a full-time mother isn’t stopping them from showing up on the ‘Gram; in fact, it’s adding to their brand. If you’re a Black mama motivated by other Black mamas tackling motherhood and the social media algorithm simultaneously, check out these five Black mommy bloggers below who are doing their thing.

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1. Samjah Iman

What to wear is an ongoing topic that most mothers mull over often.  My goal as a Fashion Enthusiast/mother is to demonstrate that simple outfits can stand out with the right amount of confidence. Postpartum is a difficult stage to navigate, and often times we mothers lack energy in this phase which causes us to neglect our inner and outer appearances. But taking the time to first dress our souls then dress our bodies helps boost our self-esteem dramatically.  

2. Joi-Marie

It’s not an easy task to tug on your brain for words to complete an article and be an active mother at the same time. Both are mentally taxing, but Joi-Marie handles it all with grace. She’s an Emmy Award-winning writer/editor and a mama who exudes Black excellence. Her style, coupled with her fierce presence, makes her one to watch.

3. Julee Wilson

Julee Wilson makes motherhood look so vibrant and fun! As a Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan, she doesn’t skip a beat when the time comes to tend to her family or make business moves. Through her entertaining social media pictures, you can tell that Julee is unapologetic when it comes to living her best life.

4. Brianna B

Brianna B is a mother about her business. The entrepreneur seemingly tackles the work grind and family life effortlessly. She exudes positivity and keeps a smile on her face through any weather. If you need some tips on navigating the social media influencer space or just want to stalk an adorable family, check Brianna’s page out.

5. Raven

There is nothing cuter than mommy and me fashion pictures, and Raven has mastered that with her little tyke. She shows her audience how to pair random clothing pieces together, and she also shows us how to do it for our little ones. The outfits she creates are perfect for mothers on the go. Check her page out for outfit inspiration for you and your baby.