After a long absence from the public eye, legendary soul singer/songwriter Bill Withers broke his silence for a team of filmmakers.

There was once a time when females all across the world would quiver in delight at the thought of Usher Raymond. That was the time when his chiseled oiled body was plastered on teenage girls bedroom walls like wallpaper. With grown women crying at concerts and granny’s throwing panties onstage, he was truly adored by […]

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Jan. 27, 2010) — Nine-time GRAMMY® winner Mary J. Blige and world-renowned pop tenor Andrea Bocelli will join forces and perform live together in a special fund-raising segment for Haiti relief on the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards. This once-in-a-lifetime performance (audio and video) of the Simon & Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled […]

OMGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  3 new Sade songs hit the internet today, and I must say that I’m about 40 times more excited for Soldier Of Love than I was before!!!!!!!!!!

VIA READER’S DIGEST: Check out some of our best weight-loss tips from the past year. A few are no-brainers and others will surprise even the most seasoned dieter. Chew Gum Volunteers who chewed gum for 15 minutes each hour between lunch and a snack consumed 60 fewer calories from sweets than when they went gum-free. […]

With only a few weeks left before the release of her first album in 10 years, Sade let some cameras into the studio to capture the making of Soldier of Love.

POSITION: Transcript Evaluator JOB DESCRIPTION: University of Maryland University College Adelphi, MD The Transcript Evaluator is responsible for the assessment of students’ academic records and determination as to whether various courses from another institution will be accepted for credit at UMUC and where the credit will fit into the UMUC curricula. Decisions impact articulation reviews, […]

Multi-talented Jill Scott has created a line of bras for big breasted women, who are tired of unattractive and unsupportive bras.

Pink was in Liverpool performing her song “Stupid Girl” where she makes fun of all the females in the industry for selling out to sell albums. Pink had on a long blonde wig, a crazy looking outfit and was gyrating just like you guessed it Beyonce. Take a look: Is there beef between Beyonce and […]

The Sail Away Song of the Day for Wednesday, January 27th is “Yesterday” by Toni Braxton. Click below to enter! For more information, click here. Come back to tomorrow for another chance to win!

Ciara made it out to Paris fashion week to join Amber Rose & Kanye West on the sidelines of the catwalks.